Dreki Vikingerne










We are a local Viking group in Southern Denmark.
It is Dreki Viking aims to promote awareness and interest for the Icelandic horse's history, use and importance in Viking times, and through dissemination to raise awareness of the Vikings and their horses.

We meet twice a year at Ribe Viking Center where we make our show with Icelandic horses


Come and meet Dreki Vikings at Ribe Viking Center
Every day from June 25th to June 31st


Icelandic horse
It's small, strong and steady. The Icelandic horse is a direct descendant of the horses brought by the Vikings to Iceland in the 9th century. The race has retained all of its original attributes, and masters all five types of gait: Trot, canter, gallop, walk and

Det er Dreki Vikingernes formål at fremme kendskabet til og interessen for den islandske hests historie, brug og betydning i vikingetiden, samt gennem formidling at udbrede kendskabet til vikingerne og deres heste.


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